7 Useful Wedding Gift Recommendations

When a friend or friend gets married, we are often confused about choosing the right gift. Of course, there are many choices of gifts that will make the newlyweds happy. However, because there are so many choices, you are bound to get confused.

Choosing a wedding gift for a loved one, of course, does not need even or branded goods, the most important thing is that the gift is useful and given sincerely. So that the gift you give will be more memorable.

In order not to be confused about choosing a wedding cooperate gift for your best friend, here are some useful wedding gift recommendations.

1. Toiletries

There are many types of toiletries that you can provide. Considering one of the mandatory activities of a person is taking a bath.

You can give gifts ranging from small ones, such as couple toothbrushes, soap holders, to towels and bathrobes. Very suitable, isn’t it for a wedding gift?

2. Sheets and bedcovers

Giving bed linen and bed covers is a suitable gift for newlywed couples. You can choose a bright color or his favorite color.

In addition, you need to choose a material that is soft on the skin so that it feels comfortable when worn.

3. Paired items

In the early days of marriage, usually a husband and wife are sweet and compact. Anything like a couple and a couple.

We can take advantage of this moment to give a couple edition wedding gift. For example, such as mugs, toothbrushes, house slippers, watches, to nightgowns. In 2021, we can get custom items more easily.

4. Vouchers

Sometimes we are quite confused to guess what we like the most and how the taste suits our best friend. It is not surprising that usually many individuals prefer to give gifts in the form of money.

However, giving gifts in the form of money is not unique and memorable. Another way you can try is by giving a voucher. For example, shopping vouchers at supermarkets, shopping vouchers for electronic goods, vouchers to stay, to vouchers for romantic dinners at restaurants.

5. Cutlery or cooking utensils

For 2021, wedding gifts in the form of cooking utensils and cutlery are still recommended. When just starting a household, a new couple will start cooking and drink a champagne bottle their own food, no longer with their parents.

Cooking utensils will be the main necessity that must be used. You can gift gas stoves, rice cookers, spoons, plates, and other cooking utensils and food utensils.

6. Memorable photo album

This gift is certainly memorable because it can be very emotional and contains a nostalgic atmosphere. It could be the last memory of our best friend’s life while still with us, before closing the single period.

You don’t even need to be confused about finding a photo printing place, because now there are many photo printing studios online.

7. Marriage capital package

If you are still confused about choosing a wedding gift, you can choose a marriage capital package from Husband and Wife ID. This is a wedding gift package that has even become a viral conversation on social networks.

This marriage capital is in the form of a box containing the knowledge of marriage in the form of a card that is funny, excited and enlightening. This package was compiled with 14 national psychologists, specifically for millennial couples.

In addition, this gift can also be combined with other stuffing items such as towels, aromatherapy, and food and drinks.

If you are interested, this marriage capital package can be purchased on the official website or in the marketplace with prices starting at IDR 200 thousand.