Lab Diamond Shape guide

There are many different shapes and cuts available for man made diamonds.

Here is a brief guide to some of the most popular lab diamond shapes:

  1. Round Brilliant: This is the most popular and classic shape for diamonds, known for its maximum fire, brilliance and sparkle. The round brilliant cut is versatile and can suit various styles of jewellery.
  2. Princess: This is a square or rectangular cut that has pointed corners and a brilliant faceting pattern, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewellery.
  3. Cushion: This cut has rounded corners and a pillow-like shape, and can exhibit a range of different facets and patterns depending on the specific cut. The cushion cut is a popular choice for vintage-style jewellery.
  4. Emerald: This cut has long, rectangular facets that create a “hall of mirrors” effect and a more subtle sparkle than some other cuts. The emerald cut is often used in vintage and antique-style jewellery.
  5. Radiant: This is a square or rectangular cut with cropped corners, combining the elegance of emerald and the sparkle of round brilliant cut.
  6. Oval: This cut has an elongated shape similar to a round diamond, but with a more unique and elongated look. Oval cut diamonds are also versatile, and are suitable for many styles of jewellery.
  7. Pear: This cut has a unique teardrop shape and is a great option for earrings and pendants, as well as unique engagement rings.
  8. Marquise: This cut has a distinctive boat shape and pointed ends. The marquise cut is also a popular choice for engagement rings and can make fingers look longer and more slender.

Lab diamonds can also come in other shapes, such as heart, trillion, kite, and asscher. Heart-shaped diamonds are a popular choice for romantic jewellery pieces such as engagement rings. Trillion cut diamonds are triangular in shape, with curved sides and pointed corners, and are often used as accent stones. Kite-shaped diamonds have a similar shape to a diamond in a deck of playing cards, and can be used as a centre stone or accent stones. The asscher cut has a square shape with cropped corners and step-like facets, similar to an emerald cut but with a more vintage and art-deco feel. Overall, the choice of lab diamond shape depends on personal preference and the style of the jewellery piece.